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Weight Loss

"Katy is wonderful. She takes the time to listen to me and my needs. She is great at brainstorming ways that I can be successful...and I have been! Katy is encouraging, helpful, and someone I really feel I can be honest with"


“Katy is absolutely incredible. She has a very thorough and easy to understand way of explaining things and she takes her time to make sure I understand how to make my diet work for me. I have been worried about my diabetes since it is a new condition, but after working with Katy I feel completely confident in myself. I would recommend her one hundred times over to anyone because she made things so much easier for me and as a result I have been successful in managing my condition!“

Heart Disease

“Thank you, Katy, for the excellent education and support! Both my and my wife's cholesterol are down 30% in the last 2 months of working with you. I look forward to continued progress!“

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